Lesser-known Items That Can Be Recycled

Recycle Sludge

The average American is aware of the recycling done in our country – bottles, cans, newspapers, and electronic devices such as cell phones or iPods. But what about the lesser known items? There are many materials that can be given new life by being reused. Appliances are a great example, with both Goodwill and the Steel Recycling Institute as options.

Recycle Scrap Carbide

Tennis shoes are another perfect example, as Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program transforms old shoes into flooring for playgrounds and athletics. Last but not least is scrap carbide, including drills, endmills, inserts, taps, and router bits, which can be recycled with Machine Tool Recyclers. Not only do you help save material, but you are cut a check for your scrap carbide within 24 hours!