Things you didn’t Know You Could Recycle


Recycle for money

Many of us know that we can recycle things like paper, plastic, glass bottles, and metal but you’d be surprised to know half of the things that you are able to recycle. Almost everything around you can be recycled even though you cannot profit from most of it, but it would save our planet from being overloaded with debris.

Wine corks may seem a bit odd to recycle, but it is a heavily used resource and recycling them won’t make you rich but however, they can definitely pay for a bottle of wine. Also, the plastic from gas cards, gift cars, and grocery store savings cards can be recycled because they are made from a plastic called PVC. Tungsten Carbide is also high in demand and considered to be the most expensive material due to its extensive range of use.

Even though it has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. It has traces of destructive and harmful materials, hence it is not permitted to be released in the air. It is the reason that buyers purchase the material from factories and then reuse it for recycling. Machine Tool Recyclers can turn your scrap into cash today. For more information visit our site or call (630)964-5030.

Tungsten Carbide and Sludge Recycling

xcPutting money back into your business

If you stop and look around your office, garage, or conference room, it’s inevitable that you’ll start to notice things that need improvement. It’s a helpless feeling for many managers and business owners. The need to upgrade is a constant feeling.

However, money often holds up these kinds of projects. Without the extra funds, not much is possible. That’s where scrap tungsten and sludge come into play. If your business involves these two elements, you’re in luck. Both can be recycled for fast and easy cash.

If your business doesn’t involve scrap tungsten or sludge then look through your contacts. Try and get your hands on some. Because if you do, we at Machine Tool Recyclers are ready to turn it into money. Within 24 hours, we’ll put a bid on your hard scrap or sludge, so you can upgrade and improve the things around the workplace that you’ve always wanted to.

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Diamonds are No Longer Forever


The surging reputation of tungsten

As of late, the tungsten carbide wedding band is quietly exceeding diamond wedding rings in popularity. This shift can be attributed to the variety of benefits that material has proven to have over platinum, gold, and other precious metals.

Committing to tungsten carbide rings

Couples, around the world, are taking a liking to tungsten for a number of reasons. Most notably, its immense durability, tungsten’s notoriously strong tendencies allow it to retain its shape through loads of pressure. Also attracting people is its illustrious polish, which is incredibly tough to scratch. Last but not least, tungsten is hypoallergenic so it doesn’t stimulate any allergic reactions. It was truly made for rings.

Tungsten is also highly recyclable. Which is what attracts companies like Machine Tool Recyclers to it. Tungsten recyclers greatly understand how durable the element is and aim to provide fast cash for it. Visit the website or call (630)-964-5030 for more information on how to turn your tungsten carbide scrap into money, and maybe your wedding ring one day!

Tungsten Carbide


A treasure of the recycling world

Tungsten carbide not only had a huge impact on the machining industry but the recycling industry too. Machinists, then and now, worship the material because it greatly outperforms stainless steel and is extremely recyclable.

Why you should save your scrap tungsten carbide

It is one of the most durable substances on earth, not to mention one of the most valuable recyclable materials, today. It is so regarded that many recycling companies only specialize in carbide tungsten, offering good money per pound of scrap. In spite of this, industry numbers claim that more than 60% of tungsten carbide scrap goes unrecycled.

The market is wide open, so recyclable your tungsten carbide! When there are leading companies like Machine Tool Recyclers, paying top dollar, it is in your best interest to salvage. Visit our website or call (630)-964-5030 for more information!


ImagesToday’s customer is no stranger to a hyper-specific business model. In fact, the consumer of today prefers a company that services small, yet noteworthy, market segments.

We’re talking about non mega-corporations. The ones without their arms in every industry. The ones that understands their strengths, maintains them, and forgets the rest.

On paper, this style of business shouldn’t work. Yet, it does. And not only does it work, but it’s immensely consistent and catching on as a business trend.

This style of business is no stranger to the recycling industry. Especially in regards to tungsten, where many operations specialize in the metal. Here’s why you should sell your scrap to a tungsten-specific company.

  • Market research – It’s easy to understand your customer when you tailor to one demographic. These recyclers have done their homework and set themselves up to cater to your needs.
  • Customer service – With limited clientele, more individual emphasis is placed on each person. Customer satisfaction is unrivaled in this industry.

When it’s time to clean up all of your scrap tungsten, send it to Machine Tool Recyclers. They’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau and more than qualified to turn your scrap into cash! Visit our website or call (630)-964-5030 for more information!

The History of Recycling


From Precious Metals to Carbide Recycling

Although it may seem that recycling is a modern concept born from the minds of 70’s activists, it is actually a practice that’s been around for thousands of years. In pre-industrial times, scrap made of bronze and other precious metals was collected in Europe and melted down for perpetual reuse. The World Wars caused resource shortages and therefore encouraged recycling. In 1973, Berkeley, California began one of the first curbside collection programs – recycling newspapers from residences. The rubber from used tires has even been utilized in recent years, as a material for football and other fields. The rubber is placed in the artificial turf and helps to cushion the impact athletes have with the ground. In today’s day and age, other things are being recycled too, including metals such as high speed metals and scrap tungsten carbide.

Machine Tool Recyclers

At Machine Tool Recyclers, recycling is our prime objective. We buy scrap tungsten carbide for recycling and hss too. Call us at 630-964-5030 or click our name to visit our website.