Testing Your Tungsten Carbide


Why Test Your Tungsten Carbide?

Along with plastic bottles and aluminum cans, tungsten carbide is a another materials that is can earn you profit by recycling. Mining and saw are generally made with tungsten carbide but before you recycle them, it is good rule of thumb to test them.

Why? Well because not all tungsten is created equal. Some recyclers only take tungsten that is dense rather than the soft, lighter tungsten. The one way to discern your tungsten is through a spark test on your grinding wheel. Heavy carbide will throw red or orange sparks that range from 12 to 18 inches long. Whereas metals like iron will throw long white sparks about 24 inches long.

Tungsten Carbide Recycling

At Machine Tool Recyclers, we have provided a helpful guide that indicates which types of tungsten are worth shipping to us and which are better recycled at your local recycler. For additional information, visit us online or contact us at (630)5030.