Top Side Hustle To Earn Money


In this day and age, many Americans are still suffering form the economic decline. Jobs are still difficult to come by and most don’t pay enough to live comfortably. You may also be looking for supplemental income to start your own business or just get something extra special for yourself. Why not? The holidays are right around the corner.


Recycling for Cash

For good reason, Machine Tool Recyclers loves to give you money for your scrap tungsten or sludge. You have to get creative in order to earn top dollar, don’t waste all your time recycling bottles and cans. With raw materials like we mentioned above, you can make a hefty sum. Even if you don’t have any on hand, chances are you someone you know or a business near you has some. You can ship your tungsten carbide by truck and it’s actually a simple process. For more notes on shipping your raw materials or to view our available options, look here.