Tungsten Carbide


A treasure of the recycling world

Tungsten carbide not only had a huge impact on the machining industry but the recycling industry too. Machinists, then and now, worship the material because it greatly outperforms stainless steel and is extremely recyclable.

Why you should save your scrap tungsten carbide

It is one of the most durable substances on earth, not to mention one of the most valuable recyclable materials, today. It is so regarded that many recycling companies only specialize in carbide tungsten, offering good money per pound of scrap. In spite of this, industry numbers claim that more than 60% of tungsten carbide scrap goes unrecycled.

The market is wide open, so recyclable your tungsten carbide! When there are leading companies like Machine Tool Recyclers, paying top dollar, it is in your best interest to salvage. Visit our website or call (630)-964-5030 for more information!